My Virtual Life

How I’ve become addicted to online games? I don’t know. Pero what I know is, everytime I start one and I enjoyed chatting, I can’t stop. Now, I’m into this new game called Lord of Ultima. It is similar to Freesky Online (FO), yung dati kong kinabaliwan na game. Hindi naman ako kasing active ngayon sa LOU compared sa FO. I have more important things to do like work, my kids and my family. Although this is something na I do naman in my idle time and those are in between crazy customers, designing tasks and while my baby is already sleeping.

The thing that made me appreciate this game is really the people I am playing with. They are my former alliance mates in my previous game and kasama ko na naman sila dito. I influenced them by the way. And I was just happy and giddy knowing na nakakasama ko sila ulit. So you see, I have this online tropa which I share a lot of my virtual life.

My Online tropa came from all walks of life and from any point in the Philippines, the world and as diverse in terms of age. I have friends as young as 17 and as old as 50 plus. What’s good about it is, I get to meet new people and is amazed by their culture. Minsan lang, it’s a bit awkward specially if I do not know if my reaction is appropriate or not. The good thing is we got something in common and that is the “game”.


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