The Life at 30

I’ve been longing for this vacation for so long! I was planning a long weekend trip with family. However, rather than vacationing, I ended up spending my 1 week vacation in the doctor’s office and series of tests.

What prompted me was the blood pressure spike last 26th of December when Kiko and I went to a medical mission. I do understand though that my prior night’s activities contributed a lot since we drank wine and stayed up til 3am then woke up around 7am the next day. I’ve been pushing my self to the limits.

Aside from the blood pressure, I’m also worried about my menstruation as I am bleeding like a faucet. Last Christmas, my menstruation Started early with a heavy flow. Prior to that, I bled from late October to early December with randomly changing flows from spotting to heavy. Took a few tabs of ferrous sulfate to replace the lost blood. My menstruation has been literally crazy.

Finally, after all the health misfortunes I have been encountering for the past months, I decided to finally end the wondering and went to see the doctor earlier today. Results are yet to be disclosed until I am done with the laboratory tests which I am scheduled to take tomorrow. Hopefully by Saturday, I will finally discover what is causing these abnormalities and eventually cure my self.


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