Dealing with Health

My 1 week off from work last Christmas was supposedly spent vacationing to some fancy beach resort or somewhere cold like Baguio or Tagaytay. I imagined myself standing by the porch or a veranda of a nice comfty hotel room looking over the foggy sight of nature. I had my winter clothes ready. I could have been dining at a specialty restaurant, sipping a bowl of hot soup (best match for a cold weather) and drinking wine by the fireplace. It could have been my piece of heaven here on Earth! However, my plans for a vacation ended up going to the doctor and going through a series of Laboratory tests. I sure did maximized my HMO card. So, thanks to Maxicare for the free medical assistance hence i’ll be spending over P10,000 just for the laboratory test itself!

I would always like to think that I am immortal but I am a real human being too who deals with health issues like everyone else. So what triggered me to exchange my good vacation over the doctor’s clinic? Here are the factors:

1. Since my Ilocos trip, Early November of 2011, I’ve been bleeding like a faucet. My menstruation period started off like the rest of my period. Very normal and tolerable but thing is, it didn’t end. It went from spotting to moderate to heavy flow then it slowly died down to spotting again then afterwards, it became moderate to heavy again with bright red discharges then went back to spotting. It went crazy and on and on until I decided to take some pills. I’ve been nauseating badly perhaps due to blood loss so I thought of taking pills to regulate it. It eventually did! But since I am not very good at appointments and schedules, I missed 3 days of my pills. I was confident my menstruation had regularized but to my dismay, it came back with a vengeance. I menstruated after 3 days of missing my pill and it was very heavy. Heavy like 1 pad per hour. Same thing, my discharges were bright red. An indication that my egg cells were popping prematurely.

2. In the night of Christmas, me, my family and our relatives had a party here at home. We drank hard liquor and ate chicharon as pulutan. We played Pinoy Henyo and retired at 4:00am in the morning. Bad thing is, we have a scheduled appointment to the doctor the next day at around 8:00. I am taking a relative to an eye doctor for a checkup. So despite being groggy and all that, I got up at around 7:30am, didn’t bother to take a shower and went straight to the Doctor. While I wait for the check-up to finish, I decided to have my BP checked and to my surprise, it shoot up to 120/100. Above normal, I know, but still alarming. The factors I have mentioned above triggered me to visit a Cardiologist and an OB-Gynecologist.

Despite missing the vacation I’ve been dreaming about, the feeling of being checked in the hospital gave me some sort of comfort just knowing that I will finally end the questions in my head and possibly prevent me from dying too soon (lol!). The OB-Gyne initially prescribed Hemostan to stop the bleeding and after 3 days of taking it, my bleeding stopped and as I write this post, I am free from menstruating.

I am scheduled later today to see a doctor for my lab test readings. My ECG shows a defect so I expect a word from the doctor. I am also scheduled for a Intravaginal Ultrasound with an OB Sonologist later to check my Uterus and my Ovaries. I have had a Dermoid Cyst removed last 2010 from my left ovary and I’m keeping my hopes up that it won’t grow again.

I just wish that my poor eating habits are just the cause of the abnormalities I’ve been experiencing for the past days and not some serious condition. I will write a post about the results of the test soon!


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