Post Check-Up

Took me two weeks to see a doctor. I had my initial check-up before new year and it was only yesterday that I was able to schedule an appointment with a Cardiologist (to read my lab results) and a Transvaginal ultrasound with an OB-Sonologist. Feels good that I  finished all that yesterday despite the long wait in line.

The cardiologist found no high risk test result among the lab tests done to me except for my triglyceride which is higher than normal, about .01 in scores. My Hemoglobin count dropped but this is due to the endless menstruation period I had for the past months. I was advised to diet and minimize smoking.
The Ultrasound, on the other hand, found a cystic mass on my right ovary. About 2cm in size. The remarks seems non-cancerous. It is called Unilocular Cyst and it’s benign (thank God!). What’s not good about it is if it’s filled with fluid, it can grow bigger and may cause twisting of the ovary and rupture which is very painful. I have yet to see a Gynecologist to further read my test result and provide me with medications (if necessary). 🙂

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