Ang Hilot

Kastiel is suffering from coughing since before New year. Its already a month now pero di pa rin nawawala ang ubo. He wakes up in the middle of the night na inuubo then vomits the phlegm. His Lola wants to bring a “manghihilot” to check him kasi baka daw may Pilay pero I refused. Instead, I brought him to the doctor. 3 times na nga now since he got sick pero all the medications didn’t work. Will just lessen then babalik na naman. Then his Tita Sheryl tried checking kung may Pilay siya by doing some weird ritual and she said meron daw. I gave in and asked our neighborhood hilot to check him. She confirmed na may pilay siya sa bandang rib cage daw. She did a quick hilot and left. Surprisingly, that night, hindi gumising si Kastiel na inuubo. Medyo maganda yata tulog niya. Maniniwala na siguro ako if tonight, and tomorrow night e ganun pa rin. I don’t care whatever kind of doctor ang mag-check kay Kastiel now. All I want is for him to get well!


2 thoughts on “Ang Hilot

    1. Hi Jan, she lives at Republic Avenue at brgy. Holy Spirit Quezon City. My son’s cough wenr back 2 days after the hilot. My mom in law brought a new hilot. The new hilot somewhat lessened my sons coughing. He doest wake up at night anymore. But my son still coughs a little.

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