An Act of Kindness

I just read a blog made by one of Our HN dealers and It makes me proud that a lot of dealers are patronizing Human Nature and its advocacy. Little did they know that these positive feedbacks are read and dwelled on by people behind thier emails and phone calls.

I applied in Human Nature as part of the Sales Team. Later on, I was delegated to be a Customer Service Officer, together with another collegue and soon after, the Customer Service Department was born. Being in front of the computer all day may seem a routinary job but what makes this job so special is the variety of people and situations we deal with every single day.

Being in the Customer Service Department is not a slice of heaven. We suffer the first strike of anger and irate-ness of customers via email, phone call or worst, face to face. We have to provide answers to questions and solve problems through thorough investigation and coordination with other departments. It’s always been stressful and I go home everyday feeling drained and consumed.

I am not complaining nor whining. Fact is, I love what I am doing. Despite the regular stressors we face everyday, We, in the customer service department, go through it with a smile and unlimited patience.

The other day, one from our sales team passed me a phone call of an irate customer. She is upset about the dealer terms we currently have, which they are required to make a minimum purchase every month to keep their dealer discount. Her complaints branched out from discounts, to minimum purchases, to dealer terms then to product prices. She’s saying things like, “Ang gusto nyo lang e kayo ang kikita.” or “gusto nyo lang e pasok ng pasok ang kita sa inyo.”. I have encountered much worst attacks and trouble from customers but what pains me with this particular customer is her inability to see the bigger picture behind Human Nature.

Human Nature was born out of love by its founders. The lack of natural skin care products that are affordable and readily available in the country has been their initial drive. We provide opportunity for people, not only to the wealthy ones, to live a healthier lifestyle. Next to it is the genuine care of the founders to our country and our fellow Filipinos by providing opportunities to poor farmers so they can also live a better life. We source our ingredients from these local farmers and buy it at fair market prices. Marketing is through networking so others may earn extra income by selling our products. You see, in every single thing we do, we make sure it has an impact to our society and in line with our advocacy. The founders of the company does not live a grand life. In fact, they do not wear flashy clothes, do not own fancy cars and practice an open door policy with their employees. More importantly, they work harder than most of us in the company. On holidays, when we are required to report to work, they’re also there. They come to work earlier than we all do and leave when most of us have left. Of course, things like these are something we don’t usually say to our customers. Human Nature is not ripping money off our customer’s pockets nor beg for it. Most of our profits goes to our Gawad Kalinga Partner Communities.

Human Nature makes sure that every department are doing their best to provide the best quality service and products that our dealers and customers deserves. We want to give value for their money by continuously improving and making sure that every single customer are given our utmost attention.

Human Nature also care for its people. I must admit, I feel very lucky to be a part of this company. They give salary at above industry standards and ramp it up yearly or bi-yearly. So us, here in Human Nature, are always looking forward to our appraisals (hehe)! We also have employees that are from Gawad Kalinga, our partner, and other poor communities. They also hire the best people for every department to ensure that tasks are done efficiently. So if you ask me how I feel about being with Human Nature, I would say that it’s a blessing and an answered prayer. πŸ™‚

I just hope and wish that our customers would understand the heart and the effort we put into our work so we can give them all the good things they deserve. We are not asking for too much. A simple thank you and gratitude is something that means a lot to us. Having known that we are successful in making our customers happy is enough to keep us going.

So to those who are grateful and make an effort to share their happy thoughys about us and our products, a big thanks! You don’t know how much your positive feedback means a lot to us. πŸ™‚


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