Post Vacation

You wake in the morning and as much as you want to wish that you’ve just arrived, you have to face the fact that later, you’ll be heading back home.

On my last day, I may make most out of my vacation. Perhaps swimming in the beach or going around shopping for souvenirs. I savor the moment of seeing my feet stroll along the unfamiliar soil, wishing it’ll never end.

In most of my travels, my motto is “seize the day”, making the most out of every single day I am away from my real world. I always want to stop the time from coming. But hell, I may be living my dream and heading home will always be my final destination.

So as the day goes, we all end up stocking up our clothes, looking for extra bags to keep our dirty clothes and checking each and every corner of the room if we have cleared all our stuff. Then we leave.

Leaving is easy. It’s not really a dragging task to do. At most times, we look back and fill our eyes and memory of the wonderful places we’ve been and we move forward.

And when we get home, we wonder, just this morning we wer there. Now, I’m back to reality.


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