At 5, I discovered my love for fishes and water. My Dad used to have a 50 gallon tank with lots of Gold fish in it. I remember watching our fat colorful gold fish swimming around. The tank broke one day while my Dad was cleaning it and he never built a new one since. As I grew, my passion for fishes grew and my daily routine involved visiting our neighbor’s fresh water sanctuary in their front yard. I just stay there watching little fishes swim in styro chest which they turned into tanks. They breed several common fresh water fishes such as sword tails, black molly and Angel fish. In random occasions, we are given a couple of little swimmers which we put in small tubs. My brother and I play with them a lot. We always pick them out of the water and let them jump around our palms. At most times, they die.

I thought I’m gonna outgrew my love for fishes but I was wrong. It grew even more! Then I started buying small tanks, decorate them and place it inside my bedroom. I’ve had tetras, zebra danios, angel fishes. I share the same passion with my brother. There was a time that we have a total of 10 tanks at home but the most extreme thing we did was build a salt water tank at home. It’s in a 50 galon tank filled with colorful fishes like the lion fish, clown fish, yellow tangs and blue tang. The tank is amazing! It always put us into trance everytime we look at it. After a few months, the fish started dying. We discovered that the water got contaminated so we had to give it up. We never restored it back as it is very expensive.

One night, when I got home from work, I found my brother watching a show in you tube. He saw it first while he was browsing through the channels and got hooked at Animal Planet. The show is called Tanked. The concept is more like Pawnstars of History Channel or the American Chopper of Discovery Channel. When I started watching, I got hooked to it in an instant!


Tanked is a show documenting how the company, Acrylic Aquariums, customizes fish tanks for their customers. They are involved from conceptualizing, designing, custom-building to installing of fish tanks. They do small-scale and massive tanks, from home to business.

Here are samples of their works from the episodes of their first season.


it’s amazing how they do all that. It’s true what Brett and Wayde says all the time in their show – They make dreams turn into reality.

Now, I’m inspired to build a new Salt Water tank again. 🙂


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