I Own!

Just showing you the stuff i own. 🙂

My House in Quezon City. I bought a lot and hired an architech to build this simple minimalist home for us!


I also bought a property in Pampanga. My family spend most of our weekends here. My friends visit us once in a while. The property is spacious. We have alloted part of it in Mango Farming. I also planted Dragon Fruit Trees. I’ve also planted some chillis. I’m not a fan of spicy foods but I just like spices. Besides, among the stuff I sell is my famous ‘Chili Flakes’!


Mango Farm


Dragon Fruit Farm


Chili Farm


 I’ve planted a few Mahogany trees in our farm and I intend to relocate them and make them borders for the property.


At our Civil Wedding, my Lola and Dad gave us 2 cows as gifts. We’ve added some more later on and now we have a horde of them. They’re still in Masbate though.  


I’m not a fan of cars so I bought those that I find useful for us. When Kiko and I go out to see friends or if we need to run an errand, we use either our Honda Civic or our Suzuki Swift. Kiko drives the Swift more often coz its automatic.

Our Honda in our Garage


Kiko’s Swift


Our ever trusted and reliable partner, HiLux.


And ofcourse, our extended family likes to go out of town a lot so I bought this one for special occasions.


Here’s a few of my favorite things!!!!

My D3100 Red Nikon DSLR Camera


and my Ipad!


My Walk in Closet


Finally, I wouldn’t have all of these and wouldn’t be here without the help of our family business which started off as a trial and error but grew into a large company, the Lucky Star Farms and Aquaculture. I know we did a great job growing this business. Look at it now! It’s great!


We are also supplying poor farmers fingerlings. We give them free of those so they can do backyard farming and have sustainable food supply. 🙂


Thank you!


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