Freshwater Fishing Village

I’ve been ranting all week! I was forcing Kiko to bring me out of Manila and as I expected, Kiko picked a destination with pool and play pond. We contacted a resort we found over the internet and spoke to a nice Woman named “Bing”. Judging by their photos, the resort seems like a good place.

That weekend, we traversed the path going to Angeles City exit in North Luzon Expressway. We left a bit late than planned. I was travelling this time with my brother-from-another-mother, Chubby and my husband, Kiko. I awed at the sight of the ricefields and the magnificent view of Mt. Arayat as I always do in most of my travels. I grew up traveling through the roads of Pampanga but it always a new adventure for me every time.

We exited Angeles and found the route to Magalang. With all the new developments in that part of the city, I lost all my memory about the place which I was once so familiar with. Angeles Exit has always been a small road, undeveloped and country-like but now I behold at the sight of the newly-built Marquee Mall, the roads to SCTEX and the roundabout. It’s confusing.

We found our way to Magalang Road. It is a narrow one with moderate traffic condition. We drove along and made a few stops to ask for directions. We were led to the town’s Municipal Hall where we did a few turns before finally reaching the road to the resort. It was a pretty long drive, but comfortable one. We passed by Pampanga Agricultural Colleges. The University reminds me of my tertiary years in UP. Gigantic trees envelops the road.

We traveled a few kilometers more until we found a small road with the “Freshwater Fishing Village” Sign boasts by the entrance. We are in a town called Ayala. We took the turn and traversed a long path of rough road. We’re riding a Lowered Honda Civic so we’ve encountered a few ramps and the car literally dragged underneath which is quite painful. I feel sorry for “Carla” (what we named the car).

I celebrated as we finally reached our destination. It was a loooong, rough travel. We were welcomed by the property owner and toured us around the place. We entered a small gate which led to the property’s unutilized pool and a treehouse. The place is nice. It’s more like a resthouse rather a resort. There’s a big open dining area, a pool slide and garden set. Mount Arayat also appears closer in this side of the province. We were their only guests as the owner prefers small groups and bookings than opening it to the public. I doubt too that the place can hold large groups. It wasn’t that huge.

The boys were eager to go fishing so after a few intros, we were led to the fish ponds. the true purpose of the visit. They have several ponds divided into five big ones, about half a hectare each and a few small ones. Their most priced ponds lies at the center of the property. It has a floating hut and the pond is filled with big red tilapias. I went to trance watching baby red tilapia swimming ang playing along the raft’s bamboo sides.

Kiko and Chubby set-up their fishing gears and immediately cast their lures around, hoping to catch a snakehead.


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