Fifty Shades (The Trilogy) and Free Copy

I was influenced by a friend to read the trilogy. So I did. Surprisingly, I liked it.

I was not drawn at how detailed and erotic the sex in the novel was but it’s more of the excitement in the story simple but smart girl being chased by a multi-billionaire, handsome, philanthropic, too-good-to-be-true, prince charming, knight in shining armor guy which most of us, girls dream of. Seriously, the story is more like a fairy tale with its modern twists and turns The idea of being too lucky and the envy of all but yet so clueless and challenged to learn the guy’s mystery is something most of us can relate to. We all want to be “that someone” who made a better change. That someone who is part of her man’s firsts, like Anastasia Steele to Christian.

I am in the book two of he trilogy and I can’t wait to read more and find out if the female character, Anna Steele, will be able to make the male character, Christian Grey, LOVE her.



Now I’ve heard that the best-selling novel is going to hit the big screen pretty soon. Fans all over the world posted their bets on who can play the sexy Christian Grey. Among my favorite nominees are Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder and the new addition and my most favorite, Jensen Ackles. In this case, my vote goes to Ian Somerhalder. I’ve seen him in an interview with Ryan Seacrest in Youtube and he is exactly how I have Christian Grey in my mind.


Ian Somerhald


Matt Bomber


Jensen Ackles 


And because I am generous enough to share this wonderful literature, should you wish to get a hold of these three novels in PDF, just comment on this page with your email address and I’ll email you a copy. Thanks and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades (The Trilogy) and Free Copy

  1. my vote goes to matt bomer eh!! look more corporate but still hot 🙂 have you seen the fan made trailer featuring matt bomer as grey and alexis bledel as ana?

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