How to Draw

I always admire people with amazing drawing skills. Not everyone is gifted with a golden hand.

As a young girl, I was surrounded by cousins who know how to draw, particularly my kuya (big brother) Apple. I watch him draw people and cartoon characters and he can do it so easily. It’s like magic. I am inspired and so jealous. From then on, I took his talent as an inspiration and started practicing. My drawings weren’t as good as his but I know that the drawing skills I’ve developed is a bit advance compared to most people who can only draw stick people (even when they are older).

In My grade school years, I usually hang around the library on lunch breaks. I always go over the learn to draw book I found and practiced some more. So far, the book has taught me a lot which made it easier for me to draw people. Yes, I love drawing people.

So here’s a sample of the basics I learned from the book. It’s very easy.

First step is to draw circles forming a person. Second is make the circles as pattern and work from there by adding more details. See photos below.




Isn’t it simple? Yes, it is. 🙂

By learning this technique, you’ll definitely make decent drawings. Go explore!


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