Massive Multiplayer Games: Chat and Alliances

For the last seven years of my life, I got addicted to browser based multiplayer games found on the internet. It was introduced to my by my boyfriend then, my hubby now. He likes playing games and since we were together a lot, I also got hooked into s games.

Kiko, my husband, likes multiplayer and strategy games focused On building and leveling up the going into battle with other live players. Our first game was runescape.

We played the game with some friends and my eldest son, Dominic. We’ve been hooked to the ame for a couple of years before we quit. All our accounts were inherited by my son which he still plays until now from time to time.

When Kiko and I got married, my husband started laying another game he found. It was a 2d massive multiplayer game called Freesky Online by IGG.


Freeky is pretty addictive. It has cool in game chat features that is mostly used to organize wars, chat with alliances, brag in world and trash talk enemies.

The game revolves around getting your alliance together against other alliances. You can get as much as 80 members. Members can work together to fill in the needed resources to upgrade the alliance symbol called ‘miracle village’. The miracle village is like a monument. As the miracle gets higher, more and more resources are needed to upgrade it and the upgrade time takes longer for each level. Also, it provides bonus to resources, defense, offense and construction time. The higher your miracle village is, the higher the bonus it gives. Therefore, all alliance really Work hard for the miracle villages. Also, while the miracle is upgrading, it can be attacked by other players so this means that each member of the alliance is also required to send some fleets to it to defend it from attackers. Usually, an entire alliance or a group Conspire to take down the upgrading miracle. If you lose, the attackers and its alliance members will receive loot from the miracle and the upgrading halts. All resources collected in upgrading it will be lost.

After two years, more and more players got tired of the game and quit until the last server merged and died. The death comes too quickly when players started cheating. IGG decided to close the game down up to this moment.

When the game died down, I got lost and didn’t know where to bein again. Really got addicted into these kind of games because of the teamwork and new people I meet. I decided to play another game called Lord of Ultima.


Lord of Ultima is pretty much like Freesky In terms of features minus the miracle village. In this game, you may create cities in any part of the map making it easier for someone to send reinforcements when a member of your alliance got attacked. The game’s setting is based on the roman empire.

I got easily bored with Lord of Ultima which is why I moved on and played a new game called Infinite Realms in facebook by Joyport.The game is sci-fi and it very easy to navigate which is why I got addicted to it too quickly. It also has the same chat features and alliances like what I like about my previous games. I met a lot of Filipino players here too and we worked together in taking down our enemies. The downside is, alliances is useless. You can’t defend your team mates.


I spent a few good months playing Infinite Realms but due to the limitations and changes made in the game, it became harder for someone to compete with high ranked players. With this, more and more players got bored and very few new players stood a chance against the vets. Slowly, the game died down, resulted in server merges until the server died.

Next game I got hooked after is Kingdoms of Camelot in Facebook. The game, like Lord of Ultima, is in the roman settings and is quite similar to the game. KOC has been on in a while. Perhaps this is due to the game features which made it long standing compared to the other games I played. However, because I realized that roman setting doesn’t appeal much to me, I only played the game for a couple of months.

What’s good about Kingdoms of Camelot is that it has an iOS version of the game so I also tried playing it on my ipod. I got bored again and stopped playing.


Then I found a new game on app store called Galaxy Empire. Galaxy Empire is a really promising game and playing it on mobile like ipad, iphone or ipod makes it more enjoyable and mobile.


Galaxy Empire or GE is sci-fi based and it has easy navigations. The graphics is super cool and of course, it has all the features I’ve been looking for in a game. I’ve stayed on this game for a few good months before I decided to quit. This time, I was too busy with work and real life so slowly, I moved on.

At this point, I’m still in the look out for a game quite similar to Freesky. Freesky has been my benchmark in choosingnwhat kind of games to play and so far, nothing has matched its features or perhaps, I haven’t found it yet.

Recently, I played Galaxy Online II by IGG as well but I find it a bit confusing so I didn’t took the game seriously. Great thing about it though is that it can be played on Facebook and Ipad. It seems like a good game however I don’t have the patience anymore to learn it. It’s too advanced for me.


So there. I have shared with you the wonderful online games you might want to try. If we share the same preference in game and knows a game which you feel I would enjoy playing, please feel free to share it here.

Happy gaming! \(^o^)/


Found another game for ipad which has alliance and chat features. You might wanna check out these two new games as of Feb 15 2013

Spartan Wars by Tap for Fun. Available in IOS devices.

Clash of Clans by SuperCell. Available in IOs devices.


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