The Health Battle

I’ve had a terrible headache when I woke up last Monday, May 20, 2013. It wasn’t the usual headache I get when I suffocate with Carbon dioxide in my room hours after turning off the ac and the doors and windows remain closed. My initial assumption though, was that.

I decided to skip work that Monday when, after taking a bath and taking paracetamol, the pain didn’t go at all. And so I assumed that it is probably caused by my suppressed cough and cold. I knew I caught the virus but I took lots of meds such as paracetamol, guaiafenessin, sodium ascorbate, amoxicillin, and that medicine that can cure 4 sickness in one (counterpart of tuseran) to combat it and prevent it from developing. I know how I am when I have coughs and colds, coming from a family with history of asthma, it wasn’t easy. I was suffering from this headache the whole day hoping that the following day, it’ll be gone.

I was wrong. The next day, I still have the same headache but it was a bit tolerable than the first one so I went to work and did my usual routine. It was another ordinary day for me although I still feel a bit sickly.

Wednesday, around noon, I suddenly felt nauseous and tired. I took a few minute break and relaxed. I suddenly thought of checking my blood pressure. I went to our Human Resources Department and borrowed the apparatus and had my nurse co-worker to check my blood pressure. I was stunned. We were stunned when we saw the reading. It was 180/100. My nurse co-worker panicked and asked someone to get me a catapress to control my blood pressure. She said that everytime her mom’s BP shot up that high, they usually rush her to the hospital. I got really worried.

I never had Anything really serious going on in my body until now. Well, I had suffered spike of blood pressure when I was pregnant with my youngest though it didn’t reach 180/100. It was only at 140/90-100 and I was pregnant then. Afterwards, I had several spikes of blood pressure but didn’t go higher than 140 until today. So the following day, I skipped work again to see a doctor. I was prescribed with amlodipine which I would take every morning. I was also asked to undergo some laboratory test.

I did as the doctor prescribed and the following day, my blood pressure remained high. It was consistently that high and I got really scared. So today, Saturday, May 25, I went back to the clinic and did my laboratory tests and see my doctor again. I told her that the drug she prescribed was not working. She prescribed another drug and hopefully, this somehow regulates my blood pressure. I am coming back on Tuesday to see her again.


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