Quitting Job

My husband and I have been apart for about half a year now and it was a major leap we took. My husband’s job used to be based in Manila, just about an hour away (with moderate traffic) from our home but his boss decided to move the business in Bicol where they can save tons of cash in operational expenses. Since my husband was among the pioneer employees there, he braved the decision and took off to Bicolandia, a region in the country, 12 hours drive away from home.

It was a painful adjustment for both of us when he left because in the 10 years we’ve been together as a couple, the longest time apart we had was just 1 to 3 days. Not being able to see my husband for weeks and weeks was a dreadful wait. He was given opportunities to come home for a few days in the first few months but when their work started to pile up, they cannot afford to send home any of their managers, including my husband, even for just a few days. So what used to be him coming home monthly, I started going there in Bicol instead.

The separation was initially difficult but then I got used to it until I enjoyed our bed to myself and my little boy who is 3 years old now. I somewhat enjoy my singleness and my time with my kids however, both of us feel that the set up now isn’t good for our family. My husband’s not seeing our kids grow. He fears that one day, they won’t recognize him anymore. We feel that there’s no point in being a family when we are far apart form each other. We have to be together.

Because of this, we planned on moving the whole family to Bicol instead. The cost of living in Bicol is way below the cost we spend here in the Metro. We can start a new life there together. My husband wanted me to quit my job and focus on taking care of our children, him and run a small business. It was a great deal. It was actually a tempting deal.

HOWEVER, I, being employed as a head of a department in our company, my dream company, which took me two attempts before I landed the job hardwork to get myself promoted, is something that I truly value. I feel that I am generally successful now being in the company thats both fulfills my professional and personal aspiration. You see, I work for a social enterprise that aims to uplift the lives of the poor people in the Philippines and the country. Not only I am fulfilled in making a difference in the lives of many people, I am also well compensated and recognized. That is something very difficult to trade with.

Then again, family always comes ahead before anything else. So now I am torn between a rewarding employment and an unfamiliar territory BUT offers greater potential of becoming financially and time free. My husband and I’s goal is for us to move with him in Bicol by 2014. I am excited for the big leap but scared at the same time. I am scared that the business I am planning to put up might flunk and we won’t be able to sustain our needs and bills and it will be very difficult for us. I fear that we might lose the financial security we have now since both of us have good jobs. I am torn between becoming a success and a failure.

Now, I’d like to seek your advice on my decision. Up to this point, I am still confused and skeptic about moving to Bicol with my husband. At the same time, I am also excited in living a new life. Your feedback is appreciated.


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