My Past Life

I’ve been wondering who I am in my past life. I can see flashes of images in my mind (I’m not sure if I’m just imagining it) and what I saw was a woman pretty similar to a  gypsy. She is wearing big clothing or dress with many ruffles and details. She is free-spirited and a traveler.

Here’s the reading i got from  just today.:

Your Sun is in Sagittarius (Tropical zodiac).

         Great expanses of space, including the seemingly endless expanse of oceans, are likely to call to you, Kristine A. Gonzalez, and in them you probably find some of your most quieting and comforting experiences.
         For example, traveling long ago as a Spanish, English or even Japanese settler, pioneer or explorer, you may have crossed the oceans in search of a better world. You were then part of a strong sea-faring culture which frequently set out –over a period of many centuries — to explore, invade and often defeat enemies and cultures usually much greater in strength and size. 

         Jupiter is the planet which rules or symbolizes the heart of Sagittarian energies, supplying you with a broadly courageous — though at times daredevil — quality.  Yet underneath this often exciting exterior lies a calm but calculating mind.  Another characteristic experience is one or more past lives involving a lot of movement, change and separation from your family and your cultural roots.

  From several past lives you have developed a powerful drive to succeed through trying fresh angles, making new beginnings. Your endurance and persistence come in part from your resourceful capacity to rub out the past and begin over again. In other words, Kristine A. Gonzalez, you have considerable capacity for endurance of changes in this life experience. Your personal relationships often serve as a means for getting you into situations you ultimately need for your development.

         For example, you have the uncanny yet practical know-how for developing relationships in which you can better serve the needs of a specific environment, institution, or organization. Further, you are able to change your associations and surroundings toward more efficient activity without running away from your home and family responsibilities. With your close friends, you are very direct and are known for your honesty and integrity. You have the innate ability to be of service to a great many people, by helping them make connections in a wide variety of endeavors.

         Know that the most important experience you can have is to know what IS your ideal spiritually. Once the ideal is set, if you then entrust your purposes to such an ideal, Kristine A. Gonzalez, you will find guidance and support when doubts and conflicts arise. With an ideal that can relate to all aspects of your life — physically and mentally, as well as spiritually — you can surely become a leader in your chosen vocation. Indeed, your past lives karmically exert a benevolent influence in your natural inclinations for success in your career, especially through travel and the people you contact through travel.

         Regarding your career, you have special talent in management, sales and handling large sums of money as, say, treasurer, financial secretary, budget officer, or accountant for a large organization. You have probably experienced past life patterns of involvement with trading or banking families like the Astors in early New York, or as a lender-treasurer in ancient Persia, or as the quartermaster during even earlier rebellions in prehistoric Egypt.

         In addition, you are one who enables others to see themselves in a light that they have not yet seen. But your abilities run more to that of a career as a leader or manager, or as one who will be a force behind leaders and executives. In this way may you excel or exceed the most in the present, Kristine A. Gonzalez, both for your own soul development and for the service or aid which you may provide for others.


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