Cebu Pacific’s Poor Customer Service – Worst Ever!

On our flight back to Manila from Legazpi, we were about 15 minutes late from the boarding time. We arrived at the check in counter at 12:10 while our flight is at 12:40. I saw the plane still parked loading some baggage. We were told that the boarding time was at 11:55, & we’re already late & there’s nothing they can do but to rebook me to the next flight back with additional costs. I politely asked the woman at the counter to please try to ask if they can still squeeze us in since I cannot afford to rebook and I have two kids in tow.

I was nice and polite at first but the woman at the counter pulled my string so I sort of made a scene which caught the attention of several other passengers who turned out to be just like me, rejected from taking the same flight. There is this one woman who got there earlier than I did and another traveling with 2 adults and 2 babies. We were all 9 who were denied to take the trip.

I understand that I should be at the airport 45 minutes prior to my flight and I got our tickets at promo rates (which made me feel even more insignificant) but you see, we have our own grind &reasons why we were not able to make it on time. We know you have policies & you don’t give a fuzz about our personal lives. But please let me emphasize that we paid for the tickets regardless if its on promo or not & as a paying customer, I should be given the service I deserve.

What was really disappointing about the entire situation was how we were treated by your staff in Legazpi City Airport. I politely asked the woman at the counter to please do something or ask someone if they would allow all 9 of us to still get in since we were so plenty. You staff never left the counter & never asked nor tried doing something. All that was implied was, if I don’t pay for the rebooking, they don’t give a fuck! To be honest, that was the worst customer service I received in my entire life. And what’s frustrating is I work as a Customer Service Supervisor for a company that provides the BEST customer service in the entire country & was given poor service from a reputable airline. It’s so disappointing how your service was so divergent despite your magnate standing in the industry.

All I ask from your staff is to go & ask someone. She never showed any empathy nor any implication that she’s gonna act on my concern. A guy (the supervisor) walked up at us & explained that he already submitted the documentations & he can’t do anything further. The plane was just there sitting, not moving, not starting, still loading in some baggages but we’re told that there’s nothing that can be done. They never even pretended to contact someone just to make us feel that they did their best. The woman at the counter never left her ground. I told them to do their jobs as customer servants & they said “We are doing our job.”

With late customers like us, I know you take advantage of selling the seats to waitlisted passengers & earn more in rebooked flights. No problem only if this was communicated to us. If your staff took the initiative (or even pretended) to find out if we can still make it or not & had the integrity of telling us the truth if our seats were already sold, I would have surrendered. They could have expound the true reason we were denied rather than telling me that “it can’t be done simply because we said so”

I have contacted you today to complain about your Legazpi City staff’s incompetence & ask for a refund for the service I was deprived of . Kindly train your staff in proper Customer handling & tell them to never ever treat your customers with discrimination & with little importance. After the incident, my Blood Pressure went up. Your staff have put me at serious health risk.

The woman at the counter’s name is Maricor Belen & the guy’s name is Mark Imperial. My flight was under reservation code O32SUB. OCT 27 Legazpi to MNL. 12:40pm to 1:45


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