Quitting Facebook


I am seriously thinking of deactivating my Facebook account. I am not sure if I am considered addicted to it but I can say that I am more active than some people I know. I don’t post status updates much but I post a lot of pictures. I can still resist not logging in specially when I’m at work but on my idle time, I usually end up checking my newsfeed.

At most times, I am off Facebook but I hate the fact that I sometimes get the urge of peeking into my account and see what goes on in other people’s lives. There are even times that I can’t help but compare my life with my other Facebook friends or feel envious about what they have that I don’t. It’s not that frustrating though coz I don’t dwell on it too much but the thing is, I still get that grief even if I shouldn’t and I am guilty of letting myself suffer with that negative feeling even for just a moment.

One thing I hate about Facebook is how I get to see nonsense status updates from acquaintances I don’t like, more importantly, from those people who can’t help but share their misery and abrasive opinion. I rebound easily from resentment or any afflictive emotions due to my optimistic nature and seeing people who thinks otherwise is a red flag.

What’s even more bothering to me now is how others think about my Facebook activity. I am worried that I may also annoy other people especially when I posts a lot of pictures or create several albums at a time. This is usually the case because I only get to upload photos when I’m on the computer since a lot of it are taken using my DSLR camera. The photos I post are about my kids, my travels or events I’ve been to and to date, I have about over a hundred albums with an average of 50 photos each. I am trying to manage it, merging some albums together with similar content, but it won’t get down to less than a hundred. When I upload an album, I always get notifications from friends I am with in my photos and I know that every time an update is made, it goes up the newsfeed. I can’t set the albums on customized view as some of my friends wanted the tagged photos seen by their friends in their profiles.

Now, I am starting a new life next year, moving to a province and a new home with my family. This move have prompted me to disconnect from Facebook because I have to block all sources of negative feelings which may hinder me from accepting the big change (from city life to laid-back, simple country lifestyle). I don’t want to feel envious about how my friends and acquaintances get to enjoy fancy places in the Metro, enjoy a wide variety of food, new gadgets, and events I missed. I don’t want people to see the birth pains I may encounter and all the lifestyle change from being a manager to a housewife, or a city girl to a (more likely but not literally) farm girl. I plan to reactivate it when we’re settled, after we have achieved the goals we have made.

What’s holding me back are my photos. Where am I gonna put them if I deactivate my Facebook account? How about my friends whom I want to get in touch with easily? Later, after we’ve settled, I still want people to see the struggles we had before we made it. It’s a tough decision I have to make.

My options are:
1. Completely deactivate my Facebook account and create a new one and maintain it with no friends. I’ll just add them up later when I’m ready.
2. Keep my account active but put my photos in private. Self control.
3. Completely quit.

What do you suggest I should do? Do you have a better idea or would you like to share your story? Feel free to post a comment below. Thank you!



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