Basil Seeds and Small Pots

I was having trouble growing my basil plant and just today, I saw small bumbs around the stem of my plant. It looks like bugs or small shells sucking on it. I gently removed each shell and found out it looks more like a cocoon of some sort.

I need to find out what it is and of course, wherelse could I get information from? Right. Google. So I googled but instead of looking at pests, I ended up looking for information on how to grow a basil plant from seeds.

I learned from my research that pruning flowers from the basil plant would encourage more leaf growth and at the same time, it would strengthen the flavor of the basil leaf. I pinched off small dried flowers from my plant and started disecting the buds. It opened with tiny little black seeds.


The photo above shows the removed flower stem which I turned upside down to show dark matured seeds inside the buds.

I was able to gather this much seeds from my plant. See photo below.


I need a small pot to germinate the seeds but since I just moved, I don’t have much supplies. What better way to do it? Recycle. I scavenge our dry trash bins and found small probiotic bottles my son regularly drinks. I was able to recover 3 bottles.


I used a scissor to cut 3/4 of the bottle from the top.



Even out edges using a lighted candle by melting sharp tips.



Voila! I got myself self three recycled nursery pots for my future basil plant!


Watch out for my next blog about planting and growing my seedlings.

Thanks for reading!


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