Home Dillema: Sun

I need help on how to cool our home from the afternoon sun. Our house is sitting on a foot of a hill and is a bit elevated from the house beside us. We have a small dirty kitchen and laundry area which during the afternoon become extremely hot due to the sun’s position that focuses directly towards our dirty kitchen on the side of the house. Our kitchen window and my son’s window is directly allowing the heat to come inside the house. To worsen the dilemma, next to our dirty kitchen is the rooftop of the house next door which is made of galvanized iron so it literally intensifies the heat. Oftentimes, it becomes unbearable that I needed to turn on the AC even if it means an increased in electricity bill.

Here in the Philippines, it becomes extremely hot during summer so those who have lived in our tropical country knows how it is. I am writing to seek help to design professionals who may have solution to my ordeal which is readily available here and I don’t need to apend much on since we are on a budget.

My idea is to buy a plant that crawls such as bougainvilla and put up a net so when it grows, it’ll give a nice and green cover up. Another idea is to hang plants made of recycled material such as soda bottles but I’m afraid that it might put a lot of weight on the aides of our roof.

Please, I badly needed help!


Above is a sample photo.


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