Dos and Don’ts in Clan Chat

I love Clash of Clans and over the months that I’ve been playing this game, I made friends with a lot of players already and met some fairly odd ones too.

So friends, I have below a list of annoying people we usually find in clan chat. This will help you spot and avoid them when they’re around.

1. The Universe. Those who talk to the universe about their schedule for the day or some random off-game topic.
Ex: “Good morning all! I’m hitting the gym today after I’m done feeding the dogs.”
2. Negastars. Those players who say nothing but criticism about the clan, your base, your attacks, your decisions, even your life.
3. Spammers. You just hate them for rolling off your troop request or the clan application of a level 136 player.
4. The Lovebirds. Those who can’t help but express their undying love for each other with i-love-yous, smileys and kisses all the time! They make you feel awkward for sending a request while they’re in the middle of their steamy convo. Guys, get a room!
5. The CAPSLOCKER. Are you angry, sir?
6. The Firestarter. They always start with an argument and end up making enemies.
7. The Beavis and Butthead. Those who butt in with an off-topic chat while others are having game-related conversation. They end up chatting simultaneously. You just wanna close the chat box.


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