Is it a curse or a blessing?

Almost everyday of my life, in random periods and in the past 5 years or so, I’ve been seeing repeating numbers almost everyday. It becomes  a part of my daily life and a lot of times, I just ignore it coz it happens too often it becomes so common already.

Recently, I got interested again with encountering repeating numbers because I’ve been seeing it almost everyday. It’s crazy because it makes me feel that I am being nudged without me understanding what the message is. Up to this point, I still haven’t figured out the purpose why the repeating number is manifesting but all I know is that I am unique and different form the rest of the beings.

I posted a Facebook status asking my friends if they are encountering the same thing as I am experiencing with repeating numbers. To my surprise there are about 3 people who responded positively. My college girl friend said that she keeps on seeing her birthday in clocks 7:21. I do not consider this the same as seeing repeating numbers as it can be psychological compared to seeing repeating numbers at random hours and in random places. Another person commented that she understand what it means. That person is a friend whom I am aware to be  highly spiritual. The last person i did not expect was a friend I meat just once through a common friend. She said that she is also seeing repeating numbers.We exchanged messages and discovered that we are also attending the same school of order which is the KMCE or Knights of the Militia Crucifera Evangelica. What a coincidence! What’s evenmore amazing is the 3 women who responded to my Facebook status were from the same school I attended in college but I met each of them at different periods of my life and they don;t know each other.

Moving on, as the exchange of message with my friend grow deeper and deeper, I have realized a lot of events in my life. The decision I made in the past  are interconnected and contributors to the discovery of my self. Seems like as I continue to travel this lifetime, i am slowly unfolding the mystery of my life’s purpose. I still haven’t figure out what it is but I am sure I will find out soon!

My Life’s Milestones/Timeline

24th November 1981, 7:30pm – Birth day.
21st March 1998 – Gave birth to my eldest son at a very young age.
1995 – Met my first love.
1998 – Entered UP Diliman. Been choosing between UST, Miriam College and UP.
2000- Met the guy who made me realize that there are many fishes in the ocean.
2000 – Founded and established UP Ugnayan ng Manunulat
2001 – Joined Ateneo’s Spirit Questors
2003 – Graduated College.
8th January 2003 – Met my husband at a bar.
20th January 2003 – My husband and I became official couple.
2003 – First Job as a writer
2004 – Worked as a Salesman
2005 – Started Career in the BPO industry
2008 – Started Career in the Real Estate
2008 – Stopped Career in the BPO Industry
2009 – Started career as an MLM Networker
20th January 2009 – Got Married
17th June 2010 – Gave birth to my second son.

29th September 2010 – Got employed at Gandang Kalikasan Inc, an affiliate of Gawad Kalinga
     This made me realize that I am a kind of person who is passionate about helping other people.

2013 – My husband left to move and work to Bicol province
     This changed our life completely, making our dream of living in the province a reality.

February 2014 – Left job at Gandang Kalikasan Inc which made me real sad.
February 2014 – Moved to Bicol the next day.
    The beginning of a new journey.

October 2014 – Started working as part-time writer
February 2015 – Started working again in a BPO Industry
August 2015 -Became full time writer.

2015 – Started attending KMCE regularly
Became more spiritual.

October 2015 – Got into a company as a writer for psychics.
    My interest.

I don’t still get it why my life is led to this path. What I do know is there’s a reason why I am going to this direction and why I am encountering key people in my life.


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