Stuck in the Moment

Yesterday, I met one of my closest people in Human Nature. She was the Head of Sales Department at the time of my Employment in the company and we work together a lot. I was leading the Customer Service Department and our departments work closely and is called ‘Sales and CS Department’.

During our meeting, we talked a lot about what is currently going on in the company as well as my life away from Human Nature. After all the time (going two years, to be exact) that I left the company, it still hurts realizing that I am no longer part of it and that my legacy and my memory is completely gone.

As I dwell in this lonesome moment, I googled and found Human Nature’s 5 year video which I know I am a part of. I am stuck in a moment, holding on to memories which is long gone. I just wanna savor the memory. Please let me.


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