My Oath to Bullies

When I was a young kid, I had my own share of bullying and abusive experience. When I was at a tender age, I experienced abuse. In gradeschool, I was bullied by my classmates. I remember until now how it felt and how it made me want to stop schooling. In highschool I was bullied again. I was bullied by relatives. I was abused many times by strangers, being perverted in public transport about three (3) times. Been bullied at work by workmates when I was younger. All were nothing but nightmares. The pain and suffering  I experienced then were still clear as crystal up to this point. 

Today, having a family of my own and being pushed forward by chance (not by choice) to become a brave strong woman for my kids allowed me to look back and reflect on the bitter experiences I had in the past. My silence and cowardice brought nothing  but suffering and pain in my life. I am making a stand today to not allow anyone to bully me, my children, my husband and the people that I love. I will fight and address head on anyone who will attempt to run over our quiet and peaceful life. I will heartlessly give a dose of their own karma, anyone who will make me or the people I love feel belittled and insignificant. 

This is my promise.


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