Travelling By Bus on a Rainy Afternoon

I am travelling alone by bus. A good one. It’s big and spacious. I sat next to the window.

I watch tiny droplets race down the glass window as the wind blow them away. On my peripheral, I see green fields. The sun is hiding. I thought, today, right this moment, is the perfect time to reflect. To think about how I am living my life.

I am cold. The air conditioning  makes me feel cold. But I thought to myself, the wind outside may be much colder. It looks solitude. The weather and my feelings are in perfect harmony. I stare at the horizon while traversing the wide

I stare at the horizon while traversing the wide freeway road of North Luzon. It was a feast of lush greens and fields. I watch nature satisfy its thirst, open-handedly catching all the drizzle. I imagine standing in the middle of the field, watching the plants dance with the wind. I don’t mind getting drenched in the rain because this quiet moment is exactly where I want to be. Today is not the time to imagine. Today is the right time of doing and becoming.

This moment right here is solemn. It’s like running away from your own life and being chased by the world. I feel the guilt of selfishness and self-centeredness but I am enjoying the thrill of the adventure more and more as I go deeper and farther away from home.

I stepped out of the bus at the end of the road. I felt the cold breeze of the mountain. My nostrils felt the icy air. I am so far away now.

I stood at the edge of the mountain and watched the trees and landscape in awe. How can God create such beauty up to its littlest detail? Shaping every inch of nature is so complex yet it was made beautifully.So I thought, God must be a great artist.


I trekked the forest and found a small hut. I helped myself in. I am all alone. The house is perfect for a little retreat. There’s no electricity. Only a nice fluffy bed covered in milk white sheets. I lay and watched the nature as it dances along with the wind. I see the trees and raindrops splashing on the glass. Slowly, my eyes started to feel heavy as I watch the rain and listening to its sound on the tin roof. No matter how much you try, you will never understand the depth of my desire to be here.

No matter how much you try, you will never understand the depth of my desire to be here.

I, alone in this lovely place, drifted off to dreamland. I am comforted knowing that I will wake up to this bliss in the morning.


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