Premonitions 1

Husband have weird dreams that are so vivid, he shares it with me when he wakes up. The first one I could never forget is him dreaming that we have 3 children. 2 big boys and 1 baby girl. Currently, we have 2 boys. Still contemplating on having another one.

Then he dreamed our family spending Christmas in a country with snow.

Then recently, he had a dream of war. The countries involved are: Turkey, Syria, Iran, then other countries from the Middle East will join too. Isis will start the war ten Europe will declare war against muslim religion. The economy of the west will fall including Europe. There will also be a fight in dominance in asia due to economic trade. there will also be chemical and bio weapons condemnation. New World Order will rise. In his dream, the US will lose the war. There is also a mention of some form of fighter jet called SU 35 from Russia.

We were told by a friend that the New World Order is a false flag. It’s a dark path so we need to radiate light. Call for New World Order will come from the West. The turning point of ar is if US will ally with Russia and not with Israel and its Allies. But in my husband’s dream, US collided with Russia.



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