Thoughts about Marcos

I wonder why it was inculcated that during Martial Law, life was hell-ish. I think, it’s far lesser than that, compared to the suffering people in other countries have experienced. I also wonder why, Filipinos have contradicting beliefs toward the Marcos regime. There are die hard Marcos loyalist while some simply hate them to the bones. It’s just not clear why despite the accusations of being a kleptocrat and murderer, there’s still people who believed Marcos was the brightest President the Philippines ever had and life was abundant during his time.

The taxi driver yesterday shared his gradeschool memories in a public school. He talked about Nutribun, the free meals in school (both snack and merienda) which the students take turns to prepare and the regular weight ins done by the government to ensure the children are well-nourished. The health center provides weekly supply of milk to every child in the community. Brgy officials (tanod) volunteer to look after the children playing to ensure their safety. I was inspired by his stories.

Is it just a matter of perspective? People who sees the evil in Marcos has so many reasons to hate him while people who finds the good in him has so many reasons to love him. Both can be right. I just hope that someday, people would learn to forgive and heal. Because there’s no point in living in fear or dwelling in anger for too long. Some other people may be manipulating us through our fears. Just like how the spaniards manipulated us through religion many centuries ago.


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