Three Hours

I am not in good speaking terms with my eldest son for about two weeks now and it breaks my heart knowing that he doesn’t give a damn.

It started one sunday morning. He said he needed to get a haircut and so off he go. It took him three fucking hours to get a haircut while the travel to town is only 10 minutes. Haircut would most likely take about 30 minutes max. I got so upset coz it took him a while to get back so I accussed him of sneaking out to play DOTA again. He got angry and frustrated that I am accussing him of doing such whereas according to him, that’s not what happened. He said when  he got to the barbershop, the barbers went on lunch break. WTF goes to lunchbreak at 11am when there’s customers in line?

So anyway, its not really the excuse that ticked me off. It’s how he reasoned out to me. He was shouting at me when I confronted him and that made me really angry.

So there. I am not speaking to him for a long while now and I’m still not going to until he apologizes. 


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