First Experience with Fake Money

Crooked people will sure find ways to do their evil deeds regardless of who their victims are. One good example is those who reproduce fake money. Sadly, me and a friend became victims of this deceitful act.

My friend, Dee, and I agreed to meet at a fancy restaurant to pay off an investment she bought from me. She handed me folded thousand peso bills which I did not bother to scrutinize each but I only counted it to ensure I received the exact amount. I trust Dee. She is a good friend so I was not worried at all. That was Saturday.

Monday afternoon, my husband And I decided to go to the mall to buy me some new clothes and as I was paying for my items, I handed the cashier a thousand paper bill from the stack Dee gave me. I noticed as I was handing the money to the cashier, the hologram is dark. I initially thought it was just burnt or damaged but I had a hunch already that the cashier will decline my payment. That’s what exactly happened but to my surprise, I found that the bill is not damaged but fake!

It took me a few seconds to admit that the money is indeed fake even if I already saw the uneven paper cuts on the edges. My initial reaction was I got worried. I know that Dee would never do such crime but I feel so worried that she might think I made this all up and also, I feel scared I might get in trouble because of it. I have below a photo of the fake money compared to the original money.

Fake money (top), Genuine Money (bottom)

At the onset, you won’t notice the difference because the paper used to print the fake money has the same thickness with real ones but it’s not hard to spot if you really pay attention to it. The edges is cut poorly exposing paper beyond the edges, the color is different,  size is a bit smaller and more importantly, the hologram and other embedded security features are missing.

Fake money, side A
Fake Money, Side B

As my husband and I are travelling back home, I saw on the streets, the sidewalk vendors who could be unsuspecting victims especially those who are old and with poor eyesight. What if it landed on the hands of these small vendors? I cannot imagine the dismay from those who makes just a meager income and be deceived by these evil beings.

I texted Dee to report what happened and she called  me to ensure that she will replace the fake money. She also narrated the three (3) cash transactions she did the day she got it. At this point, we don’t have any lead yet from where Dee got the fake money from.


While most of us are trying to make ends meet through noble means, crooked people still roam around, finding their next prey. The best we could do is to be vigilant and ensure that we are checking the authenticity of paper bills before accepting them. Also, if by a string of bad luck, a fake money landed in your hands, please do not attempt to get rid of it by tricking others. It may be a loss on your end, but let’s not create a ripple of trickery.

There are devices nowadays that can help you spot fake money such as this new basic phone I just recently purchased. It has UV light that allows me to see the hidden security features of money. It may seem crazy to have this feature added to a phone but I found that it is somewhat helpful especially to those who are exposed to a lot of cash transactions.

Basic Phone with UV Light. Sample of UV light over a 500 Peso bill.

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