Buddha was not a Buddhist.

Jesus was not a Christian.

Muhammad was not a Muslim.

They were teachers who taught love.

Love was their religion.


Time Flies so Fast

This short poem is dedicated to my good friend, Reynaldo Cañete, who passed away recently, June 11,2017

I know time flies so fast

And we’re not gonna last

It’s a cliche old thing

I keep on saying

But feeling is more than just saying

And it comes late when realizing

What we have used to

Will suddenly slew

So random and unexpected

You’ll feel orphaned and devastated

The time you once wasted

Turns golden and sacred

How times flies so fast

And it’s never gonna last

Bring your heart to its bravest

Living life to the fullest.

Terrible Customer Experience at 528 Ilawod

Poor customer service. We were there earlier. When we arrived, the 2 staff were busy preparing orders of another customer. Took them a while to notice we’re there before they gave us the menu. Dinadaan-daanan lang kami. But that’s okay. We let that pass.

We ordered Strawberry Lemonade, Salted Caramel Frappe, Tinapa Pasta and Ham and Cheese Melt (we were convinced by one of the staff kasi may kasamang fries daw yung sandwich). After a few minutes, nagbrownout. We were informed that they cannot make the Frappe coz it needs a blender. Understood. Sabi ko I will wait 15 minutes at kung wala pa ring power, I will change my order. I told them to go ahead and make the other orders. After a few minutes, bumalik na naman yung staff and informed us that they can’t make the Strawberry Lemonade, too. Sige okay lang. Then a few minutes later, the staff came back and said they can’t make the sandwich and tinapa pasta kasi it requires electricity to do them. Seriously? Medyo nainis ako kasi hindi nila kinonfirm yung availability ng orders in one go and kailangan nila talaga sabihin sa amin isa-isa with few minutes intervals pa. The staff was not even apologetic. The coordination between the front liners and the kitchen crew is terrible. So sige. I let that pass. It’s not their fault na nawalan ng power.

Around 15 minutes rin the power returned and I told the staff to proceed with our orders. We waited. Took pictures. Browsed the internet. Siguro, took them 15 minutes to serve our food. Sandwich and Pasta yung nauna. We were waiting for our drinks kasi we want to take pictures. Medyo natatagalan so we started eating. Nasira na ang gana ko kumain kasi antaaaagaaal ng drinks namin.

After another 15 minutes, lumapit yung staff at sinabing wala daw Salted Caramel Frappe. Naiinis na ako. The staff was NEVER apologetic. Sabi ko “Ano na lang ang pwede?” Sabi niya, ChocNut Frappe na lang. So sige sabi ko, okay na yun. Then I asked “How about yung Strawberry?”, ang sagot sa akin “Wala din po”. OMG! I cannot believe what I just heard. Kung hindi ko pa tinanong yung drink ng kasama ko, di niya sasabihin na wala rin yon? Sa sobrang disappointment, di na lang umorder ng drinks yung kasama ko. Sana noong brownout pa lang inalam nyo na di pala available lahat ng beverage na order namin. 30-45mins na nakalipas tsaka nyo sinabi samin.

Wait. That’s not all. I called the staff again after a few minutes and asked, “May kasama bang fries yung sandwich?” Napansin ko kasi na wala. Sabi niya, “Opo.” Sabi ko, “Bakit wala yung order namin?” Ang sagot sa akin is, “Naubusan po kasi kami.” WHAAAAT? Totoo ba itong narinig ko? So kelan nyo balak sabihin? Yung staff chill lang siya. Di siya apologetic. Ni walang replacement dun sa fries nor deduction sa price. Im not sure, but siguro yung sliced green apples na sing nipis nung papel ang kapalit ng fries.

Nakakaloka! Sobrang SUPER POOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. As in ayoko nang bumalik. So disappointing. Actually, disappointing is an understatement.

We left the restaurant not looking at any of the staff sa sobrang inis. Parang lahat ng inorder namin naging dry at unappetizing dahil sa sobrang bad experience namin. Ito na yata ang pinaka poor service na naexperience ko sa buong Albay. I’m definitely not coming back and I am not recommending this place to any of my friends.

First Experience with Fake Money

Crooked people will sure find ways to do their evil deeds regardless of who their victims are. One good example is those who reproduce fake money. Sadly, me and a friend became victims of this deceitful act.

My friend, Dee, and I agreed to meet at a fancy restaurant to pay off an investment she bought from me. She handed me folded thousand peso bills which I did not bother to scrutinize each but I only counted it to ensure I received the exact amount. I trust Dee. She is a good friend so I was not worried at all. That was Saturday.

Monday afternoon, my husband And I decided to go to the mall to buy me some new clothes and as I was paying for my items, I handed the cashier a thousand paper bill from the stack Dee gave me. I noticed as I was handing the money to the cashier, the hologram is dark. I initially thought it was just burnt or damaged but I had a hunch already that the cashier will decline my payment. That’s what exactly happened but to my surprise, I found that the bill is not damaged but fake!

It took me a few seconds to admit that the money is indeed fake even if I already saw the uneven paper cuts on the edges. My initial reaction was I got worried. I know that Dee would never do such crime but I feel so worried that she might think I made this all up and also, I feel scared I might get in trouble because of it. I have below a photo of the fake money compared to the original money.

Fake money (top), Genuine Money (bottom)

At the onset, you won’t notice the difference because the paper used to print the fake money has the same thickness with real ones but it’s not hard to spot if you really pay attention to it. The edges is cut poorly exposing paper beyond the edges, the color is different,  size is a bit smaller and more importantly, the hologram and other embedded security features are missing.

Fake money, side A
Fake Money, Side B

As my husband and I are travelling back home, I saw on the streets, the sidewalk vendors who could be unsuspecting victims especially those who are old and with poor eyesight. What if it landed on the hands of these small vendors? I cannot imagine the dismay from those who makes just a meager income and be deceived by these evil beings.

I texted Dee to report what happened and she called  me to ensure that she will replace the fake money. She also narrated the three (3) cash transactions she did the day she got it. At this point, we don’t have any lead yet from where Dee got the fake money from.


While most of us are trying to make ends meet through noble means, crooked people still roam around, finding their next prey. The best we could do is to be vigilant and ensure that we are checking the authenticity of paper bills before accepting them. Also, if by a string of bad luck, a fake money landed in your hands, please do not attempt to get rid of it by tricking others. It may be a loss on your end, but let’s not create a ripple of trickery.

There are devices nowadays that can help you spot fake money such as this new basic phone I just recently purchased. It has UV light that allows me to see the hidden security features of money. It may seem crazy to have this feature added to a phone but I found that it is somewhat helpful especially to those who are exposed to a lot of cash transactions.

Basic Phone with UV Light. Sample of UV light over a 500 Peso bill.

Romantic Motorcycle Rides

You know, what I really love about motorcycle rides is the fact that I get to hug my partner and that hug makes me feel secured. When we cruise along the road by the beach, I love wrapping my arms around his (big) stomach and rest my head on his back. I can do that all day.

I enjoy every bit of romantic motorcycle strolls with my husband.


7 Signs that You are Being Slaved by your Boss or your Company

The sense of security having a stable job does not only provide us the peace of mind knowing that there is a regular stream of income to cover our expenses, it also gives us a sense of pride, especially when we have worked our way up the ranks and earned a title.

Our loyalty and dedication to our work has its rewards if and ONLY IF you are in the right company that values your contribution to the organization. But what if it’s the other way around?

Below are the signs to check if you are a slave to your job.

  1. You are  given many random tasks 

    If you are given many tasks with the expectation of an excellent performance for each role is a sign that you are being enslaved. While being the jack of all trades can be complimentary, having no focus at all can suppress ones growth and expertise. This does not mean that we should all be monotonous in terms of work. Wearing another hat at work is okay and adding “minor” ones can be acceptable but being okay with many different tasks and roles regularly (that you didn’t sign up for) is a sign that you are a slave to your work.

  2. You are unappreciated 

    Being criticized at work is one thing but receiving no appreciation despite your hard work is another. Criticism happens regularly at work and so is appreciation. Whether we admit it or not, a tap on the back or a praise from your boss is like a reset button, taking away all the stresses altogether. If you feel you are not doing anything better for your work or you feel your contribution to the company is inadequate despite your hard work, then it’s time to think about  If it’s difficult for your boss to compliment you and you’re okay with it, congratulations! You are one of the rarest people on this planet.

  3. Everything is your fault 

    If you are blamed for things that are not even under your jurisdiction, for example, a company owner who blames his people for the late payment of their clients thus resulting to the delay of salaries, is a terrible leader. A boss like that only sees you as a worker, a machine who get things done, and his punching bag when the going gets tough. That kind of leader is one that doesn’t have any accountability and does not really care about his employees.

  4.  You are underpaid 

    If the company you work for does not compensate you on time and you are okay with it, then you are a slave. And after so many years of hard work, you didn’t get any raise at all, you are being slaved.

    We work because we got bills to pay and obligations in life and a company that doesn’t compensate you for your hard work, does not provide rewards and incentives for motivation, and more importantly does not pay for your mandatory benefits, is a company that only sees their employees as their slave and nothing more. More so, if your paycheck is given to you days late or not at all, then I don’t know to which category your company or your boss falls into because I think that’s the worst thing a company can do to their employees.

  5. Your time is not valued

    There are instances when an employee is asked to come to work on rest days and holidays to accomplish tasks at work and it’s totally okay. It happens to a lot of us and those who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their tasks are executed effectively are the employees for keeps. However, if over time and rest days work happens almost every time and unpaid, and you allow your company to bother you everyday in your sleep, then it means that your job wastes your time and they obviously don’t value your rest and family time.
  6. You are Abused 

    If you are a frequent victim or once a victim of any kind of malicious act and abuse from any of your coworkers, whether it’s verbal, sexual, emotional, physical and even power abuse, then it’s time to think about leaving. Any act towards a person that  is abusive and violating of your rights as a person, should never ever be tolerated.

  7.  You are asked to do things that are not work-related 

    If you find yourself doing your boss’ kid’s project, like in the movie The Devil Wears Prada when the boss, Miranda Priestley, asked her assistant, Andy, to find a copy of the manuscripts of the Harry Potter books that are yet to be released and never return unless she has it, is a clear sign of slavery. If you go around town doing personal things for your boss, then it is time to think about leaving. For example, a boss who asks his subordinate manager to clean his room or make him a freshly squeezed juice is nothing more than an asshole. Run for your life!

There are many other signs that reflects slavery at work and those mentioned are just the common ones. Sometimes, for people who are dedicated to their work, does not seem to mind or notice that they are being abused. It’s okay for some people as long as they are paid correctly because the bottom line is, it’s still the job that pays the rent but for some people who have been experiencing abuse at work and does not get the right compensation, you have to think twice or at least, voice out the injustice and assert your right.

If you know more signs that you are being slaved in your work, feel free to comment.

Three Hours

I am not in good speaking terms with my eldest son for about two weeks now and it breaks my heart knowing that he doesn’t give a damn.

It started one sunday morning. He said he needed to get a haircut and so off he go. It took him three fucking hours to get a haircut while the travel to town is only 10 minutes. Haircut would most likely take about 30 minutes max. I got so upset coz it took him a while to get back so I accussed him of sneaking out to play DOTA again. He got angry and frustrated that I am accussing him of doing such whereas according to him, that’s not what happened. He said when  he got to the barbershop, the barbers went on lunch break. WTF goes to lunchbreak at 11am when there’s customers in line?

So anyway, its not really the excuse that ticked me off. It’s how he reasoned out to me. He was shouting at me when I confronted him and that made me really angry.

So there. I am not speaking to him for a long while now and I’m still not going to until he apologizes. 


How much humbling and humility do I need for me to be able to experience and achieve my dreams? Sometimes, when I think about my current situation, I feel sad knowing that I am now not what I am supposed to be or I have not achieved what I suppose to have. It’s heartbreaking. 😦

Affirmation from my Former Boss and Colleague

Having consulted with God, start speaking what you desire—not what you dread (see Psalm 107:2). Speak your expectations—not your fears. This isn’t mind-over-matter or pop psychology. It’s standing on God’s Word instead of thoughts that have held you captive. It’s declaring instead: ‘I am what God says I am … I have what God says I have … and I can do what God says I can do!’ (see Philippians 4:13). 

Expecting Changes

I’ve been wondering when will change happen in my life? When will I experience the change I want? Then I realized, that I cannot expect things to happen, while I keep doing the same things I’ve been doing again and again. It’s just not about getting started, it’s the consistency, that is important.

Get started now.