First Experience with Fake Money

Crooked people will sure find ways to do their evil deeds regardless of who their victims are. One good example is those who reproduce fake money. Sadly, me and a friend became victims of this deceitful act.

My friend, Dee, and I agreed to meet at a fancy restaurant to pay off an investment she bought from me. She handed me folded thousand peso bills which I did not bother to scrutinize each but I only counted it to ensure I received the exact amount. I trust Dee. She is a good friend so I was not worried at all. That was Saturday.

Monday afternoon, my husband And I decided to go to the mall to buy me some new clothes and as I was paying for my items, I handed the cashier a thousand paper bill from the stack Dee gave me. I noticed as I was handing the money to the cashier, the hologram is dark. I initially thought it was just burnt or damaged but I had a hunch already that the cashier will decline my payment. That’s what exactly happened but to my surprise, I found that the bill is not damaged but fake!

It took me a few seconds to admit that the money is indeed fake even if I already saw the uneven paper cuts on the edges. My initial reaction was I got worried. I know that Dee would never do such crime but I feel so worried that she might think I made this all up and also, I feel scared I might get in trouble because of it. I have below a photo of the fake money compared to the original money.

Fake money (top), Genuine Money (bottom)

At the onset, you won’t notice the difference because the paper used to print the fake money has the same thickness with real ones but it’s not hard to spot if you really pay attention to it. The edges is cut poorly exposing paper beyond the edges, the color is different,  size is a bit smaller and more importantly, the hologram and other embedded security features are missing.

Fake money, side A
Fake Money, Side B

As my husband and I are travelling back home, I saw on the streets, the sidewalk vendors who could be unsuspecting victims especially those who are old and with poor eyesight. What if it landed on the hands of these small vendors? I cannot imagine the dismay from those who makes just a meager income and be deceived by these evil beings.

I texted Dee to report what happened and she called  me to ensure that she will replace the fake money. She also narrated the three (3) cash transactions she did the day she got it. At this point, we don’t have any lead yet from where Dee got the fake money from.


While most of us are trying to make ends meet through noble means, crooked people still roam around, finding their next prey. The best we could do is to be vigilant and ensure that we are checking the authenticity of paper bills before accepting them. Also, if by a string of bad luck, a fake money landed in your hands, please do not attempt to get rid of it by tricking others. It may be a loss on your end, but let’s not create a ripple of trickery.

There are devices nowadays that can help you spot fake money such as this new basic phone I just recently purchased. It has UV light that allows me to see the hidden security features of money. It may seem crazy to have this feature added to a phone but I found that it is somewhat helpful especially to those who are exposed to a lot of cash transactions.

Basic Phone with UV Light. Sample of UV light over a 500 Peso bill.

Dos and Don’ts in Clan Chat

I love Clash of Clans and over the months that I’ve been playing this game, I made friends with a lot of players already and met some fairly odd ones too.

So friends, I have below a list of annoying people we usually find in clan chat. This will help you spot and avoid them when they’re around.

1. The Universe. Those who talk to the universe about their schedule for the day or some random off-game topic.
Ex: “Good morning all! I’m hitting the gym today after I’m done feeding the dogs.”
2. Negastars. Those players who say nothing but criticism about the clan, your base, your attacks, your decisions, even your life.
3. Spammers. You just hate them for rolling off your troop request or the clan application of a level 136 player.
4. The Lovebirds. Those who can’t help but express their undying love for each other with i-love-yous, smileys and kisses all the time! They make you feel awkward for sending a request while they’re in the middle of their steamy convo. Guys, get a room!
5. The CAPSLOCKER. Are you angry, sir?
6. The Firestarter. They always start with an argument and end up making enemies.
7. The Beavis and Butthead. Those who butt in with an off-topic chat while others are having game-related conversation. They end up chatting simultaneously. You just wanna close the chat box.

Cebu Pacific’s Poor Customer Service – Worst Ever!

On our flight back to Manila from Legazpi, we were about 15 minutes late from the boarding time. We arrived at the check in counter at 12:10 while our flight is at 12:40. I saw the plane still parked loading some baggage. We were told that the boarding time was at 11:55, & we’re already late & there’s nothing they can do but to rebook me to the next flight back with additional costs. I politely asked the woman at the counter to please try to ask if they can still squeeze us in since I cannot afford to rebook and I have two kids in tow.

I was nice and polite at first but the woman at the counter pulled my string so I sort of made a scene which caught the attention of several other passengers who turned out to be just like me, rejected from taking the same flight. There is this one woman who got there earlier than I did and another traveling with 2 adults and 2 babies. We were all 9 who were denied to take the trip.

I understand that I should be at the airport 45 minutes prior to my flight and I got our tickets at promo rates (which made me feel even more insignificant) but you see, we have our own grind &reasons why we were not able to make it on time. We know you have policies & you don’t give a fuzz about our personal lives. But please let me emphasize that we paid for the tickets regardless if its on promo or not & as a paying customer, I should be given the service I deserve.

What was really disappointing about the entire situation was how we were treated by your staff in Legazpi City Airport. I politely asked the woman at the counter to please do something or ask someone if they would allow all 9 of us to still get in since we were so plenty. You staff never left the counter & never asked nor tried doing something. All that was implied was, if I don’t pay for the rebooking, they don’t give a fuck! To be honest, that was the worst customer service I received in my entire life. And what’s frustrating is I work as a Customer Service Supervisor for a company that provides the BEST customer service in the entire country & was given poor service from a reputable airline. It’s so disappointing how your service was so divergent despite your magnate standing in the industry.

All I ask from your staff is to go & ask someone. She never showed any empathy nor any implication that she’s gonna act on my concern. A guy (the supervisor) walked up at us & explained that he already submitted the documentations & he can’t do anything further. The plane was just there sitting, not moving, not starting, still loading in some baggages but we’re told that there’s nothing that can be done. They never even pretended to contact someone just to make us feel that they did their best. The woman at the counter never left her ground. I told them to do their jobs as customer servants & they said “We are doing our job.”

With late customers like us, I know you take advantage of selling the seats to waitlisted passengers & earn more in rebooked flights. No problem only if this was communicated to us. If your staff took the initiative (or even pretended) to find out if we can still make it or not & had the integrity of telling us the truth if our seats were already sold, I would have surrendered. They could have expound the true reason we were denied rather than telling me that “it can’t be done simply because we said so”

I have contacted you today to complain about your Legazpi City staff’s incompetence & ask for a refund for the service I was deprived of . Kindly train your staff in proper Customer handling & tell them to never ever treat your customers with discrimination & with little importance. After the incident, my Blood Pressure went up. Your staff have put me at serious health risk.

The woman at the counter’s name is Maricor Belen & the guy’s name is Mark Imperial. My flight was under reservation code O32SUB. OCT 27 Legazpi to MNL. 12:40pm to 1:45

Massive Multiplayer Games: Chat and Alliances

For the last seven years of my life, I got addicted to browser based multiplayer games found on the internet. It was introduced to my by my boyfriend then, my hubby now. He likes playing games and since we were together a lot, I also got hooked into s games.

Kiko, my husband, likes multiplayer and strategy games focused On building and leveling up the going into battle with other live players. Our first game was runescape.

We played the game with some friends and my eldest son, Dominic. We’ve been hooked to the ame for a couple of years before we quit. All our accounts were inherited by my son which he still plays until now from time to time.

When Kiko and I got married, my husband started laying another game he found. It was a 2d massive multiplayer game called Freesky Online by IGG.


Freeky is pretty addictive. It has cool in game chat features that is mostly used to organize wars, chat with alliances, brag in world and trash talk enemies.

The game revolves around getting your alliance together against other alliances. You can get as much as 80 members. Members can work together to fill in the needed resources to upgrade the alliance symbol called ‘miracle village’. The miracle village is like a monument. As the miracle gets higher, more and more resources are needed to upgrade it and the upgrade time takes longer for each level. Also, it provides bonus to resources, defense, offense and construction time. The higher your miracle village is, the higher the bonus it gives. Therefore, all alliance really Work hard for the miracle villages. Also, while the miracle is upgrading, it can be attacked by other players so this means that each member of the alliance is also required to send some fleets to it to defend it from attackers. Usually, an entire alliance or a group Conspire to take down the upgrading miracle. If you lose, the attackers and its alliance members will receive loot from the miracle and the upgrading halts. All resources collected in upgrading it will be lost.

After two years, more and more players got tired of the game and quit until the last server merged and died. The death comes too quickly when players started cheating. IGG decided to close the game down up to this moment.

When the game died down, I got lost and didn’t know where to bein again. Really got addicted into these kind of games because of the teamwork and new people I meet. I decided to play another game called Lord of Ultima.


Lord of Ultima is pretty much like Freesky In terms of features minus the miracle village. In this game, you may create cities in any part of the map making it easier for someone to send reinforcements when a member of your alliance got attacked. The game’s setting is based on the roman empire.

I got easily bored with Lord of Ultima which is why I moved on and played a new game called Infinite Realms in facebook by Joyport.The game is sci-fi and it very easy to navigate which is why I got addicted to it too quickly. It also has the same chat features and alliances like what I like about my previous games. I met a lot of Filipino players here too and we worked together in taking down our enemies. The downside is, alliances is useless. You can’t defend your team mates.


I spent a few good months playing Infinite Realms but due to the limitations and changes made in the game, it became harder for someone to compete with high ranked players. With this, more and more players got bored and very few new players stood a chance against the vets. Slowly, the game died down, resulted in server merges until the server died.

Next game I got hooked after is Kingdoms of Camelot in Facebook. The game, like Lord of Ultima, is in the roman settings and is quite similar to the game. KOC has been on in a while. Perhaps this is due to the game features which made it long standing compared to the other games I played. However, because I realized that roman setting doesn’t appeal much to me, I only played the game for a couple of months.

What’s good about Kingdoms of Camelot is that it has an iOS version of the game so I also tried playing it on my ipod. I got bored again and stopped playing.


Then I found a new game on app store called Galaxy Empire. Galaxy Empire is a really promising game and playing it on mobile like ipad, iphone or ipod makes it more enjoyable and mobile.


Galaxy Empire or GE is sci-fi based and it has easy navigations. The graphics is super cool and of course, it has all the features I’ve been looking for in a game. I’ve stayed on this game for a few good months before I decided to quit. This time, I was too busy with work and real life so slowly, I moved on.

At this point, I’m still in the look out for a game quite similar to Freesky. Freesky has been my benchmark in choosingnwhat kind of games to play and so far, nothing has matched its features or perhaps, I haven’t found it yet.

Recently, I played Galaxy Online II by IGG as well but I find it a bit confusing so I didn’t took the game seriously. Great thing about it though is that it can be played on Facebook and Ipad. It seems like a good game however I don’t have the patience anymore to learn it. It’s too advanced for me.


So there. I have shared with you the wonderful online games you might want to try. If we share the same preference in game and knows a game which you feel I would enjoy playing, please feel free to share it here.

Happy gaming! \(^o^)/


Found another game for ipad which has alliance and chat features. You might wanna check out these two new games as of Feb 15 2013

Spartan Wars by Tap for Fun. Available in IOS devices.

Clash of Clans by SuperCell. Available in IOs devices.

A Day in Zamboanga

I haven’t seen much of Zamboanga during my recent visit.  This is due to too much pressed for time. I was sent there short notice by our company as a speaker to launch our new product category. The trip is purely and officially business and Its just a one day affair.

I was excited at first, learning that I was chosen to do this however, as the day comes closer, I was thinking that I should have declined the offer instead. I needed that weekend to relax and unwind. It wasn’t an easy week for me. Peak season is coming so that means more work for us in the office.

So anyways, I went on and took that trip to Zamboanga. I was seated in the middle of a 3-seater row so I didn’t get to see much of how the province looks like from a Bird’s Eye View. But as I got off the plane, I was welcomed by the airport building’s unique facade. That’s when I truly believe I am stepping on the soils of Zamboanga and of Mindanao.

I was picked up by our branch operator and brought to the office straight. I was not able to enjoy the view of the surroundings or rather, I didn’t really get to see a good one along the way. The city is urbanized, reminding me of Kalibo, Aklan. I don’t remember passing through a body of water so I was literally enclosed in the urban streets of the Zamboanguenos.

The heart of the city reminds me of Divisoria, minus the sidewalk vendors and the huge amount of people. Stores are everywhere, I haven’t seen a residential home and the road is too small making it easy for people to travel on foot. It seems like everything in the city is within reach. Shopping malls are all over. It was indeed a highly-urbanized area.

What surprised me is how the whole picture of Zamboanga negates my long-time conotation about it. All this time, I dwell on the thought that Zamboanga is filled with the traditional muslim people with scarves covering their faces. Prior to the trip, I even thought of bringing a scarf so I can chameleon in case I would be in trouble being the “outsider”. But well, I found out that I didn’t have to do that in Zamboanga City. Most people doesn’t wear pashmina or the scarves muslim people wear to cover their faces. Most are dressed in the usual shirts and jeans like what we see here in Manila. It’s nothing scary as I imagined.

What I was really amazed about being in Zamboanga is their dialect. They speak Chavacano and it’s a revolution of Spanish. I can clearly identify most spanish words from my Spanish class in college. People there speak the Language Fluently and I even thought to myself that putting up a call center solely for Spanish Speaking agents is a great idea here. It would be much easier to teach them Spanish. The language is not really 100% grammatically correct spanish. They have minor differences in terms of conjugation of words like, they don’t say “hablas, habla, hablamos, hablais, hablo”, which is common in spanish to identify the personal pronoun. Zamboanguenos only say hablar, the root word of ‘to speak’ for all other purposes.

The people I met in Zamboanga were nothing but pure beauty and goodness. I was treated there with true Filipino hospitality – warm, friendly and welcoming.

I was not able to go around the city. Like I said, I was pressed for time. I didn’t get to see the museums and tourist spots the city has to offer. I didn’t even get to check out the trades in their infamous barter market. I left the office at exactly an hour and a quarter prior to my flight back to Manila and I’m even satisfied that I was able to accomplish all the things I needed to do there. If only I was given more time.

Moreover, despite my trip to Zamboanga lacked so much to fill my memory bank with beautiful places, sights and views, my heart was filled with so much joy and warmth from the people I interacted with when I was there. Other than the beautiful sights and surroundings the Philippines have in store for its travelers and tourist, the people is another thing we can be proud of. I am very much appreciative of the wonderful people I encounter in each trip I make and that’s what keeps me coming back over and over. A beautiful experience is not only about how much beauty your eyes’ been filled, it is really measured by how great your experience was being there and that’s what’s truly matters.

With that said, I can say that my trip to Zamboanga is nothing but a wonderful experience to cherish forever. How I wish I could be back there again and be given the opportunity to see more.