Buddha was not a Buddhist.

Jesus was not a Christian.

Muhammad was not a Muslim.

They were teachers who taught love.

Love was their religion.


Romantic Motorcycle Rides

You know, what I really love about motorcycle rides is the fact that I get to hug my partner and that hug makes me feel secured. When we cruise along the road by the beach, I love wrapping my arms around his (big) stomach and rest my head on his back. I can do that all day.

I enjoy every bit of romantic motorcycle strolls with my husband.


7 Signs that You are Being Slaved by your Boss or your Company

The sense of security having a stable job does not only provide us the peace of mind knowing that there is a regular stream of income to cover our expenses, it also gives us a sense of pride, especially when we have worked our way up the ranks and earned a title.

Our loyalty and dedication to our work has its rewards if and ONLY IF you are in the right company that values your contribution to the organization. But what if it’s the other way around?

Below are the signs to check if you are a slave to your job.

  1. You are  given many random tasks 

    If you are given many tasks with the expectation of an excellent performance for each role is a sign that you are being enslaved. While being the jack of all trades can be complimentary, having no focus at all can suppress ones growth and expertise. This does not mean that we should all be monotonous in terms of work. Wearing another hat at work is okay and adding “minor” ones can be acceptable but being okay with many different tasks and roles regularly (that you didn’t sign up for) is a sign that you are a slave to your work.

  2. You are unappreciated 

    Being criticized at work is one thing but receiving no appreciation despite your hard work is another. Criticism happens regularly at work and so is appreciation. Whether we admit it or not, a tap on the back or a praise from your boss is like a reset button, taking away all the stresses altogether. If you feel you are not doing anything better for your work or you feel your contribution to the company is inadequate despite your hard work, then it’s time to think about  If it’s difficult for your boss to compliment you and you’re okay with it, congratulations! You are one of the rarest people on this planet.

  3. Everything is your fault 

    If you are blamed for things that are not even under your jurisdiction, for example, a company owner who blames his people for the late payment of their clients thus resulting to the delay of salaries, is a terrible leader. A boss like that only sees you as a worker, a machine who get things done, and his punching bag when the going gets tough. That kind of leader is one that doesn’t have any accountability and does not really care about his employees.

  4.  You are underpaid 

    If the company you work for does not compensate you on time and you are okay with it, then you are a slave. And after so many years of hard work, you didn’t get any raise at all, you are being slaved.

    We work because we got bills to pay and obligations in life and a company that doesn’t compensate you for your hard work, does not provide rewards and incentives for motivation, and more importantly does not pay for your mandatory benefits, is a company that only sees their employees as their slave and nothing more. More so, if your paycheck is given to you days late or not at all, then I don’t know to which category your company or your boss falls into because I think that’s the worst thing a company can do to their employees.

  5. Your time is not valued

    There are instances when an employee is asked to come to work on rest days and holidays to accomplish tasks at work and it’s totally okay. It happens to a lot of us and those who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their tasks are executed effectively are the employees for keeps. However, if over time and rest days work happens almost every time and unpaid, and you allow your company to bother you everyday in your sleep, then it means that your job wastes your time and they obviously don’t value your rest and family time.
  6. You are Abused 

    If you are a frequent victim or once a victim of any kind of malicious act and abuse from any of your coworkers, whether it’s verbal, sexual, emotional, physical and even power abuse, then it’s time to think about leaving. Any act towards a person that  is abusive and violating of your rights as a person, should never ever be tolerated.

  7.  You are asked to do things that are not work-related 

    If you find yourself doing your boss’ kid’s project, like in the movie The Devil Wears Prada when the boss, Miranda Priestley, asked her assistant, Andy, to find a copy of the manuscripts of the Harry Potter books that are yet to be released and never return unless she has it, is a clear sign of slavery. If you go around town doing personal things for your boss, then it is time to think about leaving. For example, a boss who asks his subordinate manager to clean his room or make him a freshly squeezed juice is nothing more than an asshole. Run for your life!

There are many other signs that reflects slavery at work and those mentioned are just the common ones. Sometimes, for people who are dedicated to their work, does not seem to mind or notice that they are being abused. It’s okay for some people as long as they are paid correctly because the bottom line is, it’s still the job that pays the rent but for some people who have been experiencing abuse at work and does not get the right compensation, you have to think twice or at least, voice out the injustice and assert your right.

If you know more signs that you are being slaved in your work, feel free to comment.

Expecting Changes

I’ve been wondering when will change happen in my life? When will I experience the change I want? Then I realized, that I cannot expect things to happen, while I keep doing the same things I’ve been doing again and again. It’s just not about getting started, it’s the consistency, that is important.

Get started now.



Try to imagine a life without timekeeping.

You probably can’t. You know the month, the year, the day of the wee. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule , a calendar, a time for dinner or a movie.

Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not xcheck its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays.

Man alone measure time.

Man alone chimes the hour.

And because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear na no other creature endures – A fear of time running out.


UP Faculty Center Burned Down

Last April 1st, the UP Faculty Center in UP Diliman burned down and it’s not an April Fool’s Joke. Many reacted in disbelief and desolation towards the unfortunate incident. Together that burned down with the fire are the memories of former students, their works and many priceless work of arts. Everyone who got attached to it at some point in their life felt the grief and loss.

Before completely removing the memory of this iconic structure in UP, allow me to post Google Instant Street View shots of the said building before they decide to update it.


Premonitions 1

Husband have weird dreams that are so vivid, he shares it with me when he wakes up. The first one I could never forget is him dreaming that we have 3 children. 2 big boys and 1 baby girl. Currently, we have 2 boys. Still contemplating on having another one.

Then he dreamed our family spending Christmas in a country with snow.

Then recently, he had a dream of war. The countries involved are: Turkey, Syria, Iran, then other countries from the Middle East will join too. Isis will start the war ten Europe will declare war against muslim religion. The economy of the west will fall including Europe. There will also be a fight in dominance in asia due to economic trade. there will also be chemical and bio weapons condemnation. New World Order will rise. In his dream, the US will lose the war. There is also a mention of some form of fighter jet called SU 35 from Russia.

We were told by a friend that the New World Order is a false flag. It’s a dark path so we need to radiate light. Call for New World Order will come from the West. The turning point of ar is if US will ally with Russia and not with Israel and its Allies. But in my husband’s dream, US collided with Russia.


Seven Things You Should Always Keep Secret


There are a few things which are always worth keeping to yourself. Telling the world about them — however much you want to — just won’t bring you anything good. Here are seven of the most crucial things we think you should always keep secret.

  1. Don’t reveal your most ambitious plans. Keep silent about these until you’ve actually managed to fulfill them. Such plans often have weak spots and ill-thought out parts which you haven’t noticed; therefore, the chances are that someone could pick them apart quite easily, leading you to become too disheartened to even try to overcome them.
  2. Don’t deliberately share information about any good or generous deeds or charitable work that you’ve done. The greatest virtue lies in doing something good without hope of recognition. Boasting about such things can quickly lead to arrogance. If you feel the need to, perhaps you should evaluate why it is that you’re really doing these things — is out of altruism, or the desire to be praised?
  3. Never reveal the secrets of your lifestyle. It’s not worth bragging about how you’ve gone on a diet, or overcome your habit of sleeping too much in the morning, or stopped indulging your appetite for sex. If you’ve given up on worldly pleasures for the sake of spiritual goals, then it makes no sense to talk about this — your emotional condition needs to be harmonious, and such a desire to impress others and receive praise is a sign that it is not.
  4. Another thing it is always worth keeping silent about are those moments when you’ve shown courage or heroism. We all come up against various challenges every day — both in the external world and on the inside, in our own minds. Your achievements in dealing with both, should they become known, will be rewarded appropriately. It’s not for you to decide whether they are worthy of recognition — therein lies the lesson.
  5. Never share your thoughts on what you consider to be your enlightened knowledgeof the universe and on questions of life and death. It’s only your interpretation, rather than objective truth, and the chances are you will only seem condescending to others when you try to convince them that they’re mistaken.Only in very rare cases will someone benefit from your thoughts on this subject.
  6. It’s never worth revealing any conflicts or problems in your family life to others. Always bear in mind: the less you divulge such secrets about your family to others, the stronger it will be. Such things can only ever be resolved within the privacy of your own home, between loved ones. The more you complain to others about them the harder they will be to overcome.
  7. Don’t talk about all the unpleasant things you’ve heard people say or do. Just as it’s possible to get your clothes dirty, you can also soil your mind. And the person who recounts all the foolish and awful things he hears and sees going on in the world as soon as he gets home is no different from the one who forgets to take of his shoes when he walks through the door.